Wendy Lai

A storyteller.


Wendy Lai is a storyteller focusing on illustration, concept art, and comics.

She graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Sequential Arts.
She is a comic artist, known as "JULAI", based in Taiwan. She has previous experience working in advertisement and concentrated on commercial video and storyboards, which has helped her develop quick and accurate attention to detail. She has self-published two personal artbooks and two comics, "The Organ Harvester" and "Go Die".  Currently, she collaborates with Gaea Book for a commercial comic "The Red Rope", 2022. (紅繩子). Sometimes she will show up on artist alley on the comic con as Fiiishion in JULAI. 


Wendy Lai, 漫畫家筆名JULAI(諧音July)。漫畫與插畫創作者。喜歡貓貓、金龜車和螢光色。畫筆的速度永遠跟不上腦袋,喜歡莫名其妙和有點抑鬱的故事。 SCAD Sequential Art畢業時立志摸遍全世界的貓貓。偶爾會出現在場次上,社團名稱為Fiiishion in Julai。

【商業出版】《紅繩子》(蓋亞文化, 2022)

【獲獎】2020 原創漫畫暨劇本創作競賽 銅獎


She does freelance in concept art and illustration for game design, light novel, and commercial design. In the comic field, she is specialized in penciling, inking, and coloring.

Creative goal

Her creative goal is to bring healing through her comic works. Converting her personal experiences and the emotions that came with those into the story. Wendy hopes readers will be able to feel encouraged to face life's suffering and his/her own true selves while exploring the adventure of the protagonist.



2015 Red Dot Award, Winner.

2019 Illustration Expo.

2019 Mini-Comic Expo.

2020 Original Comic and Script Awards, Bronze award.