Wendy Lai

A storyteller.


Wendy Lai is a storyteller focusing on illustration, concept art, and comics. 

She studied in Savannah College of Art and Design for her Master Fine Arts degree in Sequential Arts. Due to the Coronavirus, she is currently based in Taiwan and will return to college in 2021. She has previous experience working in advertisement and concentrated on commercial video and storyboard, which has helped her develop quick and accurate attention to detail. She has self-published a personal artbook and worked as a director for cel animation, “The followers” which won the Red Dot Award 2015.


She does freelance in concept art and illustration for game design, light novel, and commercial design. In the comic field, she is specialized in penciling, inking, and coloring. Recently, she has been focusing on her original comics “The Organ Harvester”.

Creative goal

Her creative goal is to bring healing through her comic works. Converting her personal experiences and the emotions that came with those into the story. Wendy hopes readers will be able to feel encouraged to face life's suffering and his/her own true selves while exploring the adventure of the protagonist.