A storyteller.


JULAI (pronounced as "July") graduated from Chung Yuan Christian University's Commercial Design Department in 2015. She furthered her studies at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia, USA, specializing in Sequential Art, and graduated in 2021. JULAI is now a freelance comic artist, focusing on comics and also exploring game concept design and illustration. She loves storytelling in any art form. JULAI works in both Taiwan and the USA and goes by the name "JULAI" in the comic industry. She previously worked in Taiwanese advertising, specializing in commercial copywriting and scripts. In 2019, she transitioned to comics.

JULAI's early works often touched on death-related themes like war and bullying due to a near-death experience. Recently, she's explored lighter romantic themes. She aims to inspire readers to face life's hardships and embrace their true selves through her creations. JULAI enjoys comedy, social issues, and dark humor. Her style is diverse, blending influences from the American comic tradition and Asian aesthetics. JULAI has exhibited at local art shows in Georgia, including Illustration Expo, Mini Comic Expo, and Sketch X. She's also showcased her work at the Amalgam Returns Art Show at Neighborhood Comics. She participates in fan events under the name "Fiiishion in JULAI" and creates independent short comics on various topics, such as "The Organ Harvester," "Go Die," and "JULAI Comic Collection."

In June 2022, JULAI published the commercial comic "The Red Rope." She was invited to participate as an exhibiting artist in Artists in Taiwan 2022. Currently, JULAI is working on the series original comic "Louise's Quandary" in collaboration with Gaea Book, has been punlished in Oct 2023.


JULAI(諧音July),2015年畢業於中原商業設計系,2018赴美國喬治亞州的薩凡納藝術設計學院進修,修讀Sequential Art研究所(漫畫系),於2021年畢業。現職為自由接案,專職漫畫,並涉略遊戲概念設計、插畫,喜歡任何與故事有關的藝術形式。接案地區為台灣與美國。以JULAI的筆名行走於漫畫產業。過去曾在台灣廣告界工作,專攻商業文案與廣告腳本。2019後轉而投入漫畫領域。曾有瀕死的經驗,故早期的創作經常圍繞在死亡議題上,如戰爭、霸凌,近期則開始遊走在小清新的戀愛題材上。期望讀者在自己的創作中,能被激勵以面對生活的苦難和真實的自己。喜歡喜劇、社會議題與帶有黑色幽默的故事。風格多元,由於師從美國體系,故創作的敘述方式亦有美漫的味道,近期融入亞洲風格,逐漸四不像。

曾參與美國喬治亞州地方藝術展覽,包含Illustration Expo、Mini Comic Expo 與Sketch X ,並於Neighborhood Comics 上展出 Amalgam Returns Art Show. 以Fiiishion in JULAI的社團名稱參與同人場,並創作多元題材的獨立短篇漫畫,如《臟移師》、《Go Die》《JULAI 漫畫合集》。

2022年6月出版商業漫畫《紅繩子》。2022年,作品獲邀並收入在《Artists in Taiwan 2022》。近期正在製作長篇原創漫畫《魔女露露的煩惱》,與蓋亞出版合作,於2023年十月發售,預計出版五冊。




  • 2019“Amalgam Returns Art Show”漫畫展,美國
  • Sketch X: 3RD Annual Sketchbook Exhibition,美國
  • Illustration Expo, 美國
  • Mini Comic Expo, 美國


  • 2015 Red Dot Award, Winner, Cel Animation
  • 2020 第一屆原創漫畫暨劇本創作競賽 銅賞,台灣
  • 2022 第十一屆開拓極短篇原創大賞,漫畫組 首獎
  • 2023 第14屆金漫獎,新人獎入圍


  • 2022 《紅繩子》/ 原動力出版
  • 2022 《Artists in Taiwan 2022》 / Pixiv監修、蓋亞出版
  • 2023 《幸運兔》/ CCC數位出版
  • 2023 《魔女露露的煩惱》/ 原動力出版


  • 2019“Amalgam Returns Art Show” Comic Show, the U.S.
  • Sketch X: 3RD Annual Sketchbook Exhibition, the U.S.
  • Illustration Expo, the U.S.
  • Mini Comic Expo, the U.S.


  • 2015 Red Dot Award, Winner, Cel Animation
  • 2020 Original Comic and Script Awards, Bronze award. 
  • 2023 Golden Comic Awards & Connection+, Best New Talent, Nominee


  • 2022 《The Red Rope》/ Dyna Books
  • 2022 《Artists in Taiwan 2022》 / Pixiv, Gaea Books
  • 2023 《Lcuky Bunny》/ CCC 
  • 2023 《Louise's Quandary》/ Dyna Books