The Organ Harvester

Failing to save her brother, Agnes becomes an organ harvester to reuse organs of dying soldiers to help the living. As she travels in a war-torn land, she must overcome her trauma to save lives.



In a fictional era of war, there is a gray-area occupation that profits from collecting the organs of dying soldiers—Organ Harvester. She wears an armband decorated with a blue cross on. Over time, people begin to call her “The Blue Azrael.” She is Agnes (20), a kind and skilled Organ Harvester who excels at extracting and transplanting surgeries. However, due to some psychic trauma, she can’t perform any surgeries other than organ harvesting.


Green the Reed

In Japanese-occupied Taiwan, Lee Mu (21) becomes a private tutor to a Japanese student, Maiko (16). But he soon finds Maiko is the daughter of a Yakuza boss in Taiwan.


In 1936, a Japanese assimilation policy was introduced in Taiwan to expand its influence over members of the colonized. However, many Taiwanese upheld national pride and resisted the establishment. This is a story that explores the relationship between the Japanese and the Taiwanese, the colonizers and the colonized, as well as the rulers and the second-class citizens. Lee Mu, as a Taiwanese, with his Japanese lover, Maiko, was forced to face the struggle between choosing love and country.

Louis' Quandary

Louis, a teenage witch-in-training, finds herself falling for Hain, a human boy. But in a world where witches must be pure in body and soul to succeed, love is off the table. Will Louis follow her heart, even if it means giving up her lifelong dream of becoming a witch?



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